Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two minute drawings

I've been working in series of timed drawings... these are two of 20 made one morning in Durham. They usually start out predictable -- shapes, symbols, language that's all too familiar, that shows up in my work all the time (I won't bore you with them here). But wait a bit -- 15 or so drawings into it I may discover something I haven't seen before. I may actually have an idea worth thinking about. Or two.

10" x 8" paraffin, brass rubbing stick and china marker on paper

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Workshop at The Carrack

I spent a few days after the opening working with several local artists in the gallery. It was a time to share my practice with them and hear about theirs. We worked at side-stepping the conscious mind (through meditation, music and drawing exercises) to get at something a bit deeper. Many thanks to Debbie Wuliger, Erin Oliver, Claudia Corletto, Marcy Litle Laura Ritchie and Amy Andorfer for being there and working so hard.

At the top is Erin Oliver working on the floor; Debbie, Erin and Laura discuss a piece; Debbie's large drawing (about 36" x 54"); Marcie's large drawing; Laura's preliminary sketches; Amy at work.

About that show

This is me at The Carrack Gallery last month. Great great space, wonderful art scene with vibrant people. I loved the time I spent in Durham NC. Could I live there? Yes yes yes.