Friday, June 18, 2010

Growing and changing

Spent the afternoon again with Lorraine. She's making huge works on canvas, recycling old drawings as collage and then going in with paint. Very lyrical and beautiful. She makes it seem so easy.
In contrast, I'm struggling with the medium. I love the idea of using old works to make new works, but it comes slowly and I feel like I have to reach way down into myself for every little decision ... and then second-guess it.
I suspect it's difficult because it forces me to think in a different way. Instead of creating negative space to define positive elements – as I am most comfortable working – I must compose with positive elements. Agh.
Change is good, right?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Found art

Looking for a big brush in the studio this morning, I came across a batch of 8 x 10s I made last summer when I wasn't posting (why wasn't I posting?). I'd forgotten all about these, and am happy to rediscover a couple of good ideas. They're inspiring me as I work on a new 8 feet x 5.5 feet drawing.