Monday, October 31, 2011


I made this card for my neighbor Susan, who has a sort-of-Peter-Max-thing going on. The best thing about these pop-ups is the shadows cast, and this one gets sufficiently spooky when properly lit. 
Happy Halloween.

Untitled, approx. 5" x 9," crayon on cut paper

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday hike on the parkway ...

Here's the drawing I finished today, after going into a floatation tank yesterday morning for a lovely hour. The tank session (I've had a few really wonderful experiences with floating) allowed me to get down into the place where I can see more clearly, like knocking the cob webs out of my brain.

My usual battle with horror vacui has been getting me down lately, and I sure did need what I found there: release into wide open spaces, simplicity, intent.

And here we are, hiking in the mountains near Asheville last weekend, down onto the valley floor that is still recovering from a ferocious fire almost a hundred years ago. It was unruly and brush-covered, crisscrossed with streams and dotted with rock. The sky was huge and clear, the trail led us out to a high, stunning waterfall.

"Sunday hike on the Parkway," 36" x 52," graphite and china marker on gessoed paper